New logo



Julie Hawkins of In Graphic Detail designed the new THRA logo. She explained her thinking:


"I was asked to design a new logo for THRA in October 2015. Given that historical sources hinge on the written word, it seemed to me that the place to seek inspiration would be in the Tasmanian institutions
that hold books, journals, newspapers, letters and maps. I couldn’t go past this 1837 chart of the Coal Mines on the Tasman Peninsula, held by the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage O ce. Conveniently, the word ‘chart’ held all the letters I needed. Even though the hand lettering is not technically perfect – the ‘R’ is cramped, while the ‘A’ is over-extended – its very imperfection gives it a human touch absent from typeset materials." 


Regarding the typeface Hypatia

"The supporting text is set in Hypatia, a contemporary typeface by Thomas Phinney named for the female Alexandrian scholar and teacher of mathematics, astronomy and philosophy. Phinney writes that ‘Hypatia echoes the basic form of geometric designs from the 1920s and 30s, and adds features derived from classical oldstyle typefaces and inscriptional le ering that give the design a balance between cold geometry and warm organic form.’ To my mind that made it an ideal choice for a historical research association!