Membership of THRA is open to anyone interested in discovering or contributing to the study of Tasmanain history. Among members you will discover a wide and deep interest in diverse research areas. Why not join us?


You choose. By selecting "Offline Application" a PDF appears. Print it, fill it out, then post it to us together with a cheque or money order. You can also pay directly into our bank.  By selecting "Online Application" you complete your application online and pay immediately online by debit or credit card. Please note that the online option incurs a $2.50 bank fee.


The Association's financial year is from 1 January to 31 December.  All members receive all three copies of Papers and Proceedings for the year in which they join irrespective of the date of joining.


Benefits of membership

  • Attend our monthly lectures in Hobart. (You can also hear them by podcast)
  • Meet others interested in Tasmanian history.
  • Receive regular reminders in your inbox of events and special offers.
  • Receive by post our newsletter
  • Receive a hard copy of our attractive research journal Papers and Proceedings three times a year.
  • Have the exclusive right to join our excursions.
  • Join us at our annual Eldershaw Lecture, invite a guest and celebrate history at our supper.

Not convinced?

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Header photograph: NS392/1/164, Tasmanian Archives & Heritage Office (NS4023/1/28)