One of the exclusive benefits of membership of THRA is to join in our excursions.

The Association conducts about three excursions a year to places of historical interest. As well as several day or part-day trips, there is sometimes a weekend excursion.

The excursions frequently visit places not open to the public. Expert guides provide information, and excursionists can enrich their journey by sharing their combined knowledge.


August Excursion

Hobart Synagogue - Argyle Street

Hobart Synagogue - Argyle Street

Please note : This Excursion is now fully booked.

We have organized a tour of the Hobart Synagogue for Sunday, 18 August at 2.00 pm. The tour will last about one hour and the cost will be $10 per person (cash only). As this building is not large, we can only have a maximum of 25 people on the tour, which will be followed by afternoon tea.

Spring Excursion

East Coast Heritage Museum - Swansea

East Coast Heritage Museum - Swansea

We are currently organizing an East Coast Excursion for the 16-17th November 2019.

Details below are only an example of the final possible itinerary.

Saturday morning – Hobart to Swansea with a couple of stops along the way – Commentary by Malcolm Ward and Maureen Martin Ferris as we approach the East Coast.

Lunch at Swansea (members get their own)

Continue to Gala/Glen Gala area at Cranbrook… afternoon tea provided by Glamorgan Spring Bay Historical Society (GSBHS) … continue to Apsley maybe ‘loo and view’ stop at Devils Corner.

Return to Swansea.

Dinner – Yet to be organized.

Sunday morning: Walking tour of Swansea, then tour of East Coast Heritage Museum and GSBHS rooms, morning tea provided by GSBHS

Visit to Creek Hut??

Lunch at Swansea (bark mill???  Sit-down takeaway or maybe sit down lunch in their restaurant???)

After lunch on bus heads south , possible stops the Rocky Hills probation station, Saltworks etc.

As it is a two day excursion, one thing needed to be addressed sooner rather than later is accommodation in Swansea There is a mix of accommodation available, from the motels, to B&Bs and more boutique places such as Meredith House.  THRA would provide links to all the places for people to book through, and there is also the Information Centre who can help people with that.

More information will be provided as soon as the final excursion is organized.

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Our Previous Excursion

Woodsdale Museum

Woodsdale Museum

May Excursion to Oatlands and Woodsdale


On Saturday 25 May 2019 we had a brilliant excursion as below.


The Excursion was fully booked !


We left Cornelian Bay at 9.30 by coach.

The bus drove us to Oatlands where Peter Fielding of the Oatlands District Historical Society gave us a fascinating walking tour of the historic town following a delicious home-made morning tea. We inspected their excellent museum, which has been developed since our last visit.

We then drive to Woodsdale, with a brilliant stopover at Parattah where we were given a surprise entry visit into the Railway Hotel. We then went on to inspect the Levendale and Woodsdale historical society’s excellent museum, which had also been developed since our last visit. We certainly enjoyed their delicious home-made afternoon tea.

We finally returned to Cornelian Bay soon after 5 pm.

Cost: $50 per head included the coach fare, historical tour and the two meals.

Note: this excursion was for THRA members only.

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Previous Excursions


2018 Excursions

Excursion to Connorville, Sunday 29 April


Roderic O'Connor was in charge of building roads and bridges under Governor Arthur in the 1820s, and established a large property at Connorville, near Cressy. This excursion looks at some of his achievements (and otherwise) along the Midlands Highway, then travels to Connorville via O'Connor's proposed main road. O'Connor's descendant, also Roderic O'Connor, will show us over Connorville, which has beautiful gardens and  many historic buildings including a historic water-driven flour mill.


Cost $50  per person, includes bus travel, lunch and afternoon tea


Please contact Alison Alexander,


Payment by Direct Deposit

Account Name: Tasmanian Historical Research

Account: 197838

BSB: 037010

Description: Your Surname – Excursion


or pay by cash at the April THRA meeting, Tuesday 10 April.



High Tea at Runnymede

High Tea at Runnymede


Heading photograph Grubb's tramway (NS1013-1-875), courtesy Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office