One of the exclusive benefits of membership of THRA is joinin our excursions.

The Association conducts about three excursions a year to places of historical interest. As well as several day or part-day trips, there is sometimes a weekend excursion.

The excursions frequently visit places not open to the public. Expert guides provide information, and excursionists can enrich their journey by sharing their combined knowledge.




Excursion to Connorville, Sunday 29 April 2018

Roderic O'Connor was in charge of building roads and bridges under Governor Arthur in the 1820s, and established a large property at Connorville, near Cressy. This excursion looks at some of his achievements (and otherwise) along the Midlands Highway, then travels to Connorville via O'Connor's proposed main road. O'Connor's descendant, also Roderic O'Connor, will show us over Connorville, which has beautiful gardens and  many historic buildings including a historic water-driven flour mill.
Cost $50  per person, includes bus travel, lunch and afternoon tea
Please contact Alison Alexander,
Payment by Direct Deposit
Account Name: Tasmanian Historical Research
Account: 197838
BSB: 037010
Description: Your Surname – Excursion
or pay by cash at the April THRA meeting, Tuesday 10 April.

2017 Excursions


Autumn excursion: Roderick O'Connor (1 day)

Winter excursion: Beaumauris Zoo (1/2 day)

Spring excursion Ida Bay Railway (1 day)

High Tea at Runnymede

High Tea at Runnymede


Heading photograph Grubb's tramway (NS1013-1-875), courtesy Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office